welcome this is a farmhouse

december is my month to clean the apartment. i’m supposed to do it “thoroughly” and “bi-weekly.” so today i cleaned my room. i wonder if that counts.

i also wonder if my roommates can hear me when i sing loudly to my music all day long. i don’t know how they couldn’t.

another thing i did today was pick-up my printmaking portfolio and tape all my least favorite prints of my feet to my wall. it’s pretty ugly but there is something about ugly things that i really like so perfect, right?

my friend holly is coming to visit me on sunday which is going to be fantastic because so far my most fun times in san francisco have been when people i like come and visit me (pete, my dad, okay that’s it i guess). the only thing is that she is coming from new york city so i won’t be able to impress her with all the big-city things about san francisco. instead i’ll have to go for the especially weird california-specific things. basically what i mean is: we’ll hang-out at the taco truck down the street for three days straight. maybe taking breaks to smoke crack with the neighbors.

and ride cable cars. yah we are definitely riding cable cars.