tonight i got a call from my friend vivek. vivek and i met through a girl i go to school with and we used to hang-out sometimes a couple months ago. but then after an extremely awkward evening (awkward because occasionally i lose all of my social skills and become a deaf-mute statue girl), i figured we would never speak again.

but we did! tonight!

we went to a bar in my neighborhood called the phone booth which i had always assumed was a third-world style phone bank (this is the mission after all) and i, in an act of outrageous maturity, limited myself to 2 beers. we might have had more but a drunken older gay man in a santa clause hat complimented my skirt and then started graphically telling vivek all the things he would do to him later, in his mind and with some sort of vibrator, when he got home. it was, as i said, graphic, but vivek was really cool about the whole thing which was nice and grown-up. (i know some boys who would have a freak attack, who HAVE freak attacks, if a gay man even looks at them.)

anyway, after the man started saying something about the prospect of vivek having “a full hair suit under there,” we decided it was time to go. i think i might call him tomorrow though because he he is a lawyer and likes talking about politics (my second favorite bar topic) and i think holly would enjoy his story about santa clause in the first person.

because holly is coming tomorrow!!!

so i have to go to sleep to get ready.