panda bear sweater

highlights of holly trip sf 2006 SO FAR:

1. totally awesome semi-matching purses purchased on haight street.
2. wine and pasta party involving me, holly and my friend kevin from uw and probably a little more wine than totally necessary.
3. james the cable car driver/tennis player/surfer/knower of black people in oregon who took us on a walk to a motorcycle shop while we waited for the cable car to go the opposite direction and found people from corvallis on the cable car for me to talk to and was generally crazy enough to mask the fact that holly and i were the most obnoxious people to ever ride a cable car.
4. panda bear sweater, purchased for $5 at a deli/grocery store in china town.
5. accidentally finding the cool part of china town where we were the only white people and where the fish were still alive in tubs so you could know just how fresh they were when you ate them for dinner.
6. hanging out with holly who is basically the greatest.