parents are people

today i finally made it “home” to port angeles. [the quotation marks are supposed to be funny. i realize it is bad story telling technique to point out the funny parts but i think it’s possible, in this case, i am the only one who will get the joke. and i wanted to make sure you all knew i was using the quotation marks ironically.]

port angeles is nice and grey which is good after all that exasperating sunshine in california. my last day with holly was extra awesome and involved basically wondering around san francisco. we started at the beach by golden gate park then walked up to cliff house and ate at a weirdly out of place small-town america or more specifically yakima, washington-style diner called louis’s. then we hiked (and i say “hike” just to change up the verbs–anyone born within the borders of oregon would have called this “slightly less challenging than the walk home from dairy-mart”) along the cliffs on a path to the presidio. after a long and confused walk through the mansions in the presidio, we ended up on some street where we found a bus which, after a couple transfers, took us to north beach where we ate pizza and drank beer. then we walked about half way home before we caved in and caught a taxi back to my apartment.

hopefully soon there will be some pictures of that exciting journey and our cable car driver friend james that i can post here.

the next day (yesterday) we woke up at 4:30 am and walked with all our bags to the bart stop about 9 blocks from my house. after the bart ride and the inter-airport shuttle ride, i had to leave holly at the united terminal. which was sad because new york where she lives is far away and seeing as she was just accepted into an nyu nursing program and is off to start her life as an adult, i may never see her again.

but then i flew to seattle, where i was picked up by my old friend birch (who is a musician so he will never leave me for the adult world). we had some vegetarian lunch and then went over to jessie’s quaker enclave where the three of us sat on the couch for a very long time and watched x files and the first 3 episodes of freaks and geeks and i tried to decide who i wanted to marry more, james franco or john francis daly. at this point, i’m at an impasse but i’m leaning towards joining the plural marriage movement so i can have them both and also leonardo dicaprio and also 1 or 2 of the cuter boys from my high school and also dave eggers if he changes his ways and stops charging for hugs in the lobby at charity events.

anyway. this is a long and becca-like entry.

[note to erica and jessie-do you think she is going to come after me for plagiarism because i am being so goddamn boring?]

[note to becca if she were to somehow magically find this-wow, i’m really losing sleep over how much trouble you are having coming to terms with your ugly cabinets. i hope you can write about it more so we can all learn from your christian strength through this trying journey.]

[another note to becca-jk bff! please please don’t stop writing or make your blog private. we as a nation need you. some of us are lost and you are helping us find our way. please becca, show some christmas mercy.]

[note to everyone else-i think i invented the term “christmas mercy.” if i read it anywhere else, i am accusing you of plagiarism and your final judge will be the lord and since i invented “christmas mercy” and he did not, you are pretty much out of luck.]

but i am back with my parents now and i will be hanging out here until christmas eve when we are all heading to a hotel room in portland to celebrate the birth of the baby jesus which i guess by itself we don’t have too much problem with; it’s just the whole angels/son of god/star of light thing we don’t exactly buy into.

what i mean is: if you are in port angeles and want to join me in my letter-writing campaign to my representative, nacy pelosi THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD, to encourage her to re-form the debate on marriage to include the good polygamist kind, come on over.

also, maybe, we can mod podge a nativity scene and find romans and punish them ceremonially.

okay. i’ll see you tomorrow.