me: no guts

yesterday i posted some sort of mean comments about a blog i read
basically everyday. i also posted a link to it. i was feeling sort of
bad about the whole thing but i decided hey, it’s funny, whatever and
posted it anyway. this morning my cousin told me that i better prepare
for a whole ton of christmas mercy because the program this girl becca uses for her blog has a sweet device that lets her know of all the people linking to her. wow. i know you don’t care. but i’m just writing this as a way of telling you i took out the link in the hope that becca will never see my blog and will continue to write along peacefully unaware that she has readers like me.

i know that i am a gutless weasel and i am thinking of asking people to address me as “the coward lizzy” kind of like they do in deadwood for that guy who killed wild bill hickok. but i like reading becca the way she is and you know, judging her without her knowing. because, allegedly, she is a real person and also a little sensitive and i feel like the 2 of us can exist together on completely separate planes and there is no need for a war or anything. there are people who i wouldn’t mind starting some sort of internet war with. people like zach braff. i hate zach braff. he’s a poser; he’s what’s wrong with america; he’s not that cute! also i think zach braff might have slightly thicker skin than becca.

so if you really really want to read her blog (and i can’t blame you if you do) it can be found at dasbecca dot com. just PLEASE don’t tell her i told you.