new kid

last night i went out for the first time ever to a port angeles bar with some guys i met through jessie in seattle. it was apparently the only bar in town with anything going on (there was a blue grassy band playing) and so it had attracted every element of the possible bar going crowd: the extremely drunk hippies, the
wearing-a-chanel-purse home-for-the-holidays girls, the frat boys (a
ubiquitous bar variety, even [especially?] in towns with absolutely no
fraternity affiliations or even colleges), the stoners, the semi-homeless, the middle aged we-just-came-for-the-music types, the career alcoholics. my favorite demographic turned out to be the ricky and randy demographic which consisted of identical twin brothers in their 30’s with big red omish-style beards and american
pride sweatshirts tucked into their belts and a distinctly deliverance-y look.

i have decided to write my thesis on these two guys. i’m in the fiction program. this may be possible.

anyway, it was a strange turn of events, being in a town where i basically know
nobody and then ending up in its nexus. and it worked out pretty well because not only did i get to talk more to my new friends seth and lindsey (a boy and okay, i have no idea how he spells his name) but i made even NEWER friends: dylan, the guy who spent the summer hiking for three months straight and dan, who converted an old bus into his house and drives it all over the pacific northwest powered by kitchen grease.

how can i be in san francisco for 5 months and never run into guys like this?

the better even part? today we all went SLEDDING (except for seth who had some homework for his ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL IN DENMARK) (give me a break; who are these people and how can they possibly be from port angeles?).

i haven’t been sledding since some time at clint’s cabin back when i had my teal pick-up truck and i have to say it is still completely awesome.

so we sledded up on hurricane ridge until our tubes ran out of air and the sun started going down and then we went back to seth and lindsey’s house and drank hot chocolate and then dylan drove me home where there was a package waiting from my friend beetle and it was a sweatshirt with spikes sewn on the hood so when i put it
up i look like a dinosaur and it may in fact be the greatest sweatshirt of all-time.

in conclusion: today was a very nice day and i think i don’t mind being the new kid again even though i am 24 and the whole thing is sort of awkward.

happy end of chanukah and beginning of christmas and when is kawanzaa? i could look it up but sometimes it’s nice not to know EVERYTHING.