new year's eve: suckiest holiday ever?

i am finding the universe supremely aggravating today.

little things, like someone listing the movies cars and happy feet as co-number 5 movies of the year in one of the seattle papers, are making me feel like i just don’t understand this planet anymore. i’m mad at kurt vonnegut too, for saying in galapagos that humans are going to evolve into furry seal-like creatures with much smaller brains. i’m irritated by my scratchy throat, by my brother talking about minor league baseball and by my mom asking me if i have ever had yerba mate and if i really want to order it because it tastes awful. this is
how i am feeling today and i am thinking it may have something to do with the impending disappointment of new year’s eve.

i have never ever had an awesome new year’s eve. the best one i can remember was probably the one i spent alone at seatac (airport) waiting to fly to boston. that one was only okay because i wasn’t looking forward to anything about it. instead i was looking forward to seeing my cousin on january 2nd or 3rd which was not only a lot more fun than a holiday marking an arbitrary shift of numbers but a lot more concrete also.

the worst new year’s eve i can remember was the y2k new year’s which i spent in the back room of a cape town hotel, using all the cash i could find to make insanely short and
depressing phone calls to my friends in oregon.

i almost got to see nelson mandela speak the next day but since it was new year’s, i got scabies instead.

this year i was foolishly optimistic about changing the trend of the sucky and disappointing non-holiday. i was going to seattle and jessie and birch were going to be there and pete
was coming up from bend which was going to be especially great because
i haven’t seen him for ages and i have this awful squeaking rubber chicken to
give him.

but then it turned out birch had a gig somewhere far away and jessie’s quaker friends wanted to hang out and then today i found out pete is too sick to drive up.

of course. what was i trying to pull? a fast one on myself?

new year’s is a completely random day. in fact, as far as i can tell, most of the christian calendar is random. it is ridiculous to think that at midnight on december 31st something about anything is going to change. guess what? in 2007 my life is still not going to resemble deadwood or a dave matthews song, just like it didn’t in 2006. it will still be boring, i will still be poor and no one is losing 10 pounds i can guarantee you that.

so jessie and i have decided to trick new year’s eve this year by ignoring it and
going to bed at 11:30. maybe we’ll watch a movie but if it is a movie with any of those disgusting new year’s eve scenes with people kissing each other at midnight, i can promise you we will make such nasty comments that we will become immune to the sentimentality of the
situation and we will be glad that we aren’t in some bar with some stupid boys where we would be forced to pretend like we care about this lamest of all holidays.

maybe i’ll celebrate the mayan new year’s at the end of times in a couple of years (what is it? 2012?) but until then i am boycotting this horribly reliable soul crushing holiday.

and that is all i have to say about that. except: another aggravating thing is this damn computer which makes its own rules when formatting this page. awesome. you know what sucks? everything.