passion proxy plus other excuses

reasons i have not posted a legitimate entry in days and days:
1. my parents’ computer has joined forces with blogger to block me from publishing all my awesome holiday pictures.
2. i haven’t tried too hard to figure out why because those pictures actually aren’t that awesome.
3. nothing happens in port angeles except art projects and healthy food.
4. the art projects (an orange and teal hat inspired by my dolphins hat
and screen printing: a fickle screen, new ink and two sizes of meat
head dog) require very little spelling.
5. i’ve been reading an erotic novel published in the 1960’s called passion proxy and
considering writing some sort of paper on the history and progression
of erotic novels because even though this is actually the only one i
have read yet, i bet things have changed since andrea from the typing pool seduced bobby the clerk for the purpose of procreation (so she and her sinful lesbian lover [i’m assuming it’s love that, in one of the more graphic scenes, has their
legs flailing around] can have a baby). i am curious to see if in
today’s erotica breast are still described as “mammeries” and if
characters say anything more explicit than “i love it when you take
me.” i think this could be an independent research project for graduate
6. my parents have a pc and therefore many different versions of solitaire.
7. before too long i’ll be in mexico which isn’t an excuse just awesome news.