jumping up and down in front of the mirror. naked.

[this guy gave me a hug. for free. a week ago.]

this motel is sucking my soul. everything on tv is specifically designed to make people hate themselves. and i just remembered how mrs. reinholt told my health class in eighth grade that if you jumped up and down in front of the mirror naked and things jiggled that weren’t supposed to jiggled you were overweight. she also made us measure the circumference of our upper arms and our lower arms and our wrists and our thighs and our calves and stuff. crazy evil woman. that’s the kind of stuff tv makes you remember. or maybe it is the jumping around hotel rooms naked in front of the mirror that makes you remember that. though i also remember laughing at her and refusing to measure myself. she was not only crazy and evil but pretty stupid and she just sort of stood there when i refused to measure myself. whatever. spanglish is an awful movie. but i think the view is worse.

i’m hungry. also i should probably get dressed.