back porch

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back porch, originally uploaded by bang bang smash smash.

so here are some totally awesome pictures from the last two-ish days. california is warm and extremely nice and i’m thinking i don’t hate it as much as i should.

which won’t last long because i just took a closer look at my flight times to and from mexico and i realized that i have a 12 hour layover at lax on the way home. maybe i should have noticed this sooner. but maybe this means i can take a bus into los angeles and meet up with brad pitt or something. i can only think of 2 people i know who live in la and one of them is the guy i went out with when i was 16 and the other is the guy who invented the game “chase lizzy home while throwing rocks at her head.” we’ll see. a bus trip to beverly hills may be just the thing to remind me why oregon is so much better than california. that or 12 hours at an airport.