adventure in mexico SO FAR

okay, i’ve been in mexico a little over 24 hours. and it’s pretty great actually. it’s warm and jade and kelly are allowing me to act like a baby (“jade can you just take my wallet and pay for me?”) which i swear will change at some point soon. yesterday i got in outrageously early and found a taxi, gave the driver the instructions jade wrote for my in spanish and then before long, i was at the house where jade and kelly live. then i preceeded to sleep for a couple of hours to augment the 2 hours of plane sleep i’d gotten the night before. after the long nap, we all went to a market and ate tortas and looked at the amazing selection of plastic blenders. after the market (and some tacos) we took another nap. then we went out to dinner with some of jade and kelly’s friends to a place where they give you a complimentary shot of tequila. rough, i know.

anyway, this is an unexciti8ng description and seeing as the spellcheck is spansih spellcheck, i’m going to guess a poorly spelled one (for example I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL POORLY). but the story i really want to tell, quickly, at this point is about the drunk girl at lax: i was at lax for 4 hours. during about hour 1 and a half, i saw the airport people talking to what appeared to be one of those little kid, unaccompanied minor types. then i saw this person had the exact style of purse that i have. and then i saw she was about 19 years old. i was curious because the airport people were talking to her like she was a toddler. so of course i evesdropped. and found a better viewing position. the girl was really cute, the kind of girl that my granparents wish i looked like. she had a perfect blond haircut and her skinny expensive jeans where stuffed into her leather boots in that miraculous disappearing jean type way. and she was puking all over her self.

i guess the girl had come from portland and she was drunk. but she was obviously not 21 and also more out of it than any drunk person i have ever seen that was still awake. the airport ladies were sort of giggling and standing away from her and watching as she puked into the internet access chair next to her and all over her adorable coat. she was going to mexico city. i decided that staring from a distance was a little weird so i went over to ask if they needed help. they said they’d called the paramedics so i sat down across from her and the airport peole left and i stared at her to make sure she kept breathing. she kept mumbling and puking and falling asleep. at one point she kicked her backpack out of the way. it was getting almost scary. i think she must have taken some drugs or been on something that was causing this horrible reaction in her body. she didn’t have the drunk confidence of an alcholohic. instead she seemed like a person missing a serious chunk of their brain. oh and her hand was all bloody because at some point she had fallen down and cut herself.

yah this is going on forever but it was really disturbing to me for some reason. finally (at least a half an hour after i sat down) the paramedics and the police came. they took off her jacket and scarf and sweatshirt like she was some sort of infant with no control of her limbs. she was awake but i think she really couldn’t help them. they put her into a wheelchair and wheeled her away. and then a cleaning lady came and cleaned up the mess and then i flew to mexico.

it was very very strange. i keep thinking about it and how i should have helped her to the bathroom or something. or something. she was so miserable and there is no way she could have gotten that drunk on the plane without anyone noticing. i’m sort of convinced there were drugs involved. perscription or not.

well it is time to leave this internet place and i think go check out some murals and buy a towel.

i’m not going to read this over so i hope it doesn’t suck to bad.