germans? really?

i have to tell you something. when my brother called me a racist he was sort of right. i hate germans. i am trying to get better about it; i’m trying not to unfairly stereotype people. but seriously. for example: last night jade and kelly and i went to this club called tatu to meet up with some of their friends. it was about 11 pm when we got there and kelly and jade were looking pretty fancy and i was looking pretty dirty but not the dirtiest ever. the front of the club was chained off and there were bouncer guys with headsets opening the chain for people that were cool enough to get in. this was strange because there wasn’t actually a line and this is 2007 in mexico not 1978 at studio 54. anyway, the 3 of us stood there for awhile and people would come up and the guys would open the chain for them. but not us. we just stood there. finally kelly asked a tall white boucer what the deal was in spanish. he came up to her and said in a german accent, “just speak in english. your spanish accent is terrible.” but i can’t write that right. because he said this steroetypical indiana jones-nazi-villian-type voice. THEN he stroked kelly’s face and she said, “well are we going to get in or what?” and he said (please imagine the accent for me) “i’m zorry. my manager rachel has told me for zome reason you cannot enter.” besides imagining the accent, picture a tall white guy in a suit with a headset from the lands end call center circa 1985. picture him smirking while he touches kelly’s face. we were too stunned to make any nasty remarks about his terrible english accent or the war crimes his grandparents probably committed. instead we just said “fine then,” and left.

i know there are good germans out there. i mean, i myself am part german. but this guy was not a good german. he was a bad person. and ugly.

anyway, after that we went (angrily) to their friend jenny’s house where we watched vh1 and danced around and made a lot of noise until we finally decided to leave at around 6:30 this morning. jenny was way asleep by this point and it was just us, 2 mexican guys and a british guy and everything had slowly turned into complete nonsense. but it was fun and i wish i could post pictures but the genius thing i did was not bring the cable i need to connect my camera to the computer to mexico. oh well. we took the bus home with people on there way to work.

by jade and kelly’s there is a huge church. at night the crosses on the spires are neon blue lights. i’m thinking of getting married to mexico.