tonalà and still no spellcheck

the day before yesterday: near tragedy: jade lost her debit card. it’s all worked out now but i want to acknowledge how excessivley frusterating it is to lose your debit card in a foreign country.

yesterday: jade and kelly and i took a bus to a town outside of guadalajara called tonalà to go to a market. it was very warm and i meant to by my mom some minuature things for her (my) dollhouse but then i forgot. mainly we ate food. i had a churro with hershey’s sauce and then some sopas which are like dense, thick tortillas the consistancy of matzo balls with sauce and lettuce and cheese and mine had meat and which i actually couldn’t finish because of the damn delicious churro already in my stomach. (which reminds me: have a said anything about the food i have been eating here? it’s pretty great. i’ve had tacos, tortas (a kind of sandwhich with meat and mayonnaise and lettuce and delicious sauce like on the sopas which is sort of meaty and sort of tomatoy), lonches (like tortas with only meat), and tortas with a different sauce which is a word i seriously can’t spell. among other things. the food is (mostly) crazily cheap and so far, without fail, absolutely fantastic. in little resturaunts and in the markets people are always making fresh tortillas. OH AND THEN THERE ARE AVOCADOS. which are of course cheaper than they are at home and fresher and greater in every way. kelly and jade probably think there is something wrong with me because i’ve been on a strict avocado diet where i eat at least three of them a day. seriously. the best ever.) anyway, after we finished with the market we took a different bus home. the first bus was 9 pesos and super luxury with songs like “creep” on the soundtrack and the second bus was 4.50 and more of a back way city bus. it took longer but the view was better. then we came home and hung out until it was time to go watch lucky number slevin. a couple nights ago we watched rocky balboa. here in mexico jade and kelly have become crazy movie lovers similar to me. though both the movies we’ve seen so far were basically crap. though entertaining crap so that is something. and then we went to bed.

today: we are preparing for beach adventure 2k7. jessie comes in tonight so today we are buying bus tickets and water bottles and sunscreen. we are packing up. we are getting ready.

tomorrow: we are leaving early for puerto vallarta. i imagine from here on out we will be too busy swimming with humpback whales to get in much internet time. sorry about that. i still love you though.