my obsolete dolce and gabbana sunglasses

today is jessie’s birthday. on jessie’s birthday so far i got up early and went with kelly downtown where we bought some tequila and (ironic) puerto vallarta booty shorts for jessie. we had bagels. i bought some sunglasses to wear because i like wearing my contacts at the beach so i can see the pelicans dive bombing the water. we went back to the hostel and organized a return visit to the best beach ever. the canadian and the boy from israel (the trying to find himself guy) met us at the beach. i lost a contact. i was very sad about losing the contact because i only have 2 of them and the other one was in my right eye. i wondered if i could go surfing without prescriptive lenses. i removed my right contact and went back into the ocean. i decided i don’t even care. i can surf like a blind person when i get to sayulita and anyway blurry pelicans are charming in a different way. the sunglasses were pretty cheap.

also: today i did a better job of sunscreen application.