so i’m here in puetro vallarta. we (jade, kelly, their friend ashley, jessie and me) got here yesterday after a marathon bus ride and very little sleep the night before. (jessie’s plane was about 4 hours late which we didn’t realize until after we were at the airport. early. [which was actually sort of okay after 2 bottles of wine in the airport bar.]) the bus ride was fine because we rode super first class so the seats were cushy, there was a bathroom and the scenery was pretty great.

my initial impression (after we got to the hostel and decided to find our way to the beach) was a little disapointed. it was about the most touristy place i’d ever seen. we got to the main beach and it was covered in bars and huge sunburned australians. but after we set ourselves up on some towels, i decided it was pretty great. ashley and i went down to the warm warm water and played in the waves. it was fun and kind of terrifying because the waves were huge and full of rocks and we were too scared to go out far enough to get past the break. this meant we were basically smashed around for a half an hour until we were bleeding. but in a fun way.

after our beach adventure we all came back and made friends with some stereotypical youth hostel characters (the canadian, the sort of bohemian “trying to find myself” guy and the ultra embarassing american guy) and drank some tequila and went back downtown. apparently downtown puerto vallarta doesn’t get awesome until like midnight or something. but we had a good time walking around and finding different places to host our epic dance party. there were of course a LOT of drunk americans and when we, at the very very end of the night, ended up in a bar called “señor frogs” which was having a foam party/wet tshirt contest, i kind of wanted to die of cliché disease. but whatever. we left pretty quickly and went back to the hostel.

this morning we finally got everybody together (5 morphing into 6 people is not the most managable number the morning after so much tequila) and after consulting with the guy at the desk at the youth hostel we took the bus to the GREATEST BEACH EVER. it was south of town and called “playas las gemeles” and we had to walk down behind some hotely condo things to get to it. but the sand was extra soft and the waves contained very few rocks and we could swim out past the break and sort of tread water, sort of just bob for long periods of time if we wanted. which is obviously what i wanted to do. in between bobbing, i read on the beach and when i got hungry i walked over to one of the hotels to see if they would sell us food. which of course they would do. so then we sat on a patio and ate some enchiladas. and then i went and bobbed for a little while longer.

what i am saying is: it was basically the perfect beach. it wasn’t crowded and the water was warm and we stayed there all day.

the entourage of 5 people thing is getting a little intense at times. it’s fantastic and sort of unreal to be in mexico with people i like so much but still, i went through a period this afternoon of refusing to speak to anyone because they were irritating me so much. but i got over it. i love them and i have a plan tomorrow to get up early and walk around by myself for awhile. i guess the day after tomorrow we are going to sauyalita which i want to do IMMEDIATLY but i’m going to shut up about because apparantly i am like the most impatient person ever. (because i want to spend as much time as possible NOT WAITING AROUND i have been branded as “an only child with a brother”.) whatever. tomorrow is jessie’s birthday. i’m hungry and i am sitting in the lounge and everybody is watching extreme makeover: home edition or something and it is distracting the heck out of me.

oh and i have a freaking life changing sunburn.