sayulita:better than puerto vallarta?

i like sayulita.

sure it doesn’t have the best beach ever like the one we found in puerto vallarta but it also doesn’t have frat boys.

last night we went salsa dancing at the bar next door to the “bungalow” (a room with two big beds and two little ones, a kitchen and a bathroom which is setting us–us being jessie, kelly, jade, our canadian youth hostel friend john and me because ashley went home– roughly $12 us each). i found the most akward looking kid around and danced with him and he was from girdwood alaska and knew 3 of my cousins.

sayulita has no atm.

this afternoon we are going surfing and i can’t decide if i should try it with a single contact or just try it blind.

i think i need to take a nap first.