babel is this year's crash

the oscar’s are going to be just as irritating as usual this year. babel will probably win all sorts of awards because everyone is scared of sounding dumb when they say to someone else: “doesn’t this movie seem completely irrelevant?” and i understand that. i’ve been reading the things they carried and according to tim o’brien a lot of guys died in vietnam because they were scared of looking like cowards.

oh i think you know what i am talking about.

though i guess one good thing is babel might be terrible nonsense but at least it isn’t HARMFUL terrible nonsense like crash was. and hey! leonardo dicaprio, marky mark AND kate winslet are all nominated for things. plus little miss sunshine is up for best picture and while i think that it is sort of a silly movie (if you are going to nominate little miss sunshine maybe you could nominate the science of sleep for at least art direction or something. or makeup instead of [seriously i am not joking] CLICK) at least it had some sort of point beyond “sound deep and hope the people are stupid enough to assume we know what we are talking about.”

and steve carell is in it.

anyway. little miss sunshine will probably win best original screenplay and let’s just hope that little children wins best adapted screenplay because kate winslet hasn’t been knighted yet and didn’t use her english accent to portray the proud and honorable monarchy so she definitely won’t be winning best actress this year.

i know you don’t but i think you should start caring about this. it is less painful to think about than the state of the union is one reason. and now i have to go to my first day of grad school: semester 2!

so get an opinion. we can discuss this later.