sneaky slow day

i’m tired. i don’t know why. i saw pan’s labyrinth today and i also saw the last king of scotland. the academy awards are coming up. i have to be ready to yell at the tv screen. plus i have a system. at the metreon, movies are cheaper before noon. $6. way cheaper than $9. so first i go see a movie there. then, across the street at century, the movies are cheaper before 2 pm on the weekends. which means as soon as the metreon movie ends, i run across the street for the $7.50 movie at 1:30 or whatever. it’s genius,okay? not pathetic.

both of the movies were actually really good. the last king of scotland, besides giving me a distressing look at african politics, made me want to find some scottish boys to make out with.

pan’s labyrinth was amazing. i want to write more about it but, seriously, i am freaking tired. i have no excuse. except i got up early this morning and then i walked home from downtown.

i’m not an old woman. not an excuse.

after the movies i ran into this girl from lc who lives sort of close-ish to me it turns out. she was in a short story class i took when i was a sophomore. she always seemed ridiculously cool. like lc hip. way too cool to talk to me. but she was nice and asked for my phone number. i guess that’s the thing about running into people in weird places. or maybe that’s the thing with not being in college-like-high-school anymore. who knows.

also i bought some art supplies. sometimes kids who work at art stores are worse than kids who work at record stores or skateboard shops. the guy in the paper department was stoned i think and to cover it up he acted like i was the idiot. maybe that’s what was happening. then i thought the guy at the checkout was flirting with me but then i had to show him my student id which is possibly the worst thing ever. which i pointed out. and then i felt really stupid and couldn’t look the checkout guy in the eyes anymore.

do YOU know what’s wrong with me? it’s only 7:20. maybe i can go to sleep. i had a smoothie on the walk home. maybe the jamba juice girl put some drugs in it. i sort of feel like i’m on drugs.

oh those pictures. one is my guitar and the other is the dolphins bracelet i got in mexico to match my hat.