book arts: already blowing my mind

i know i’ve only had 1.2 book arts classes. but already, after today’s all day book making orgy, i am obsessed with book arts. these are pictures of the dummy i am working on for my final project. it’s early, sure, but at this point my idea is to use a couple poems i wrote last semester called “things i killed part 1” and “things i killed part 2” and also 3 poems i wrote about surfing in santa cruz. and also put my face on the cover and title the whole book killer. i know this won’t help my mom with her concern about me and some strange obsession with death. but the poems aren’t really about death but nature which is like life, right? anyway, here are some pictures:

now maybe to come down from book making i will work on my other project for next week: a play where all the lines have 10, 20 or 30 syllables. a girl in my book arts class knit a sweater for her book this week. i might be getting strangely obsessive about making things. but at least i’m not that crazy.