it rained every day for a week

to celebrate the super bowl i am reading the elements of style. i need to find out some stuff about sentence structure for a presentation i have to do tomorrow. i’m such a weak english major that i had it for like 5 years without ever reading it once. lame i know. but okay, obviously it’s great. so far i haven’t exactly found what i am looking for but i did find this:

“prefer the specific to the general, the definite to the vague, the concrete to the abstract. [example] a period of unfavorable weather set in. [vs] it rained every day for a week” (p. 21).

anyway, here are some pictures i took while i was walking on bryant street today which prove that we are having less poetic weather in san francisco:

in a fight of bears vs horses, i would go for the bears. but i also hate football so i am sort of hoping for an earthquake or some destruction that ends in the extinction of all species of bear as well as juvenile male horses. but that’s just me. now i have some grammar to go learn about.