my new favorite hypothetical daddy of anna nicole smith’s baby: prince frederic von anhalt. please please please can zsa zsa gabor’s husband be the real father? please?

anna nicole wanted to be a princess. he was talking about adopting her. he didn’t want to divorce zsa zsa, obviously.

when did everything get so normal?

i wish i had some exciting news about my own life. i went to book arts class today, which was fun but not a great story.

oh i know what i don’t want all my boyfriends to buy me for valentine’s day: hallmark talking stuffed animals.

as i told my cousin yesterday: now i am just biding my time until dannielyn (the baby) is old enough to star on mtv’s super sweet 16.

last thing: here is one of the f-ed up things you can get directions for on the internet: how to drill holes in your own forehead.