the bad side-effects

i’m so freaking sick of being sick. it would be one thing if my mom or dad was here or even if my brother was here or even if i had 1 friend who lived on my block and wanted to watch tv with me and buy me macdonald’s. but instead i am stuck by myself, in my room, feeling sorry for myself and making bad decisions. like i just bought the whole third season of the office on itunes. who does that? why did I do it? when will i grow-up and learn how to wait for the dvd release? it’s not like i am out of things to do. even things that i can do right here in my bed. i have stuff to read and stuff to write. and now i have 15 episodes of the office with 10 more on the way. come on. it might be more productive to deal with my loneliness buy buying $30 of drugs. speed. i bet that would make me feel better.

whatever. what’s done is done. now i just must never ever buy anything else on itunes. as of this minute i am going to stop being a baby. and start watching hours of television on my computer. it’s going to be great.