so i buy the office on itunes. i go all out; i buy the whole season. but oh no, it’s too big to fit on my hard drive. so i start deleting things until, look, i have enough room. but i get half way through the episodes and find out i have deleted the middle episode. what’s $2 really though, right? so i buy the episode. but then 3 episodes later i notice i deleted ANOTHER one. seriously? i can’t miss an episode. i buy that episode. it is at this point i realize that i deleted a large portion of my music library. and then? i receive a notice from the transit cops. i owe them $117 for failure to buy a ticket. did i mention also that i have no friends and that today i was informed of this, my new favorite quote about me: ” we like having fun. why would we call lizzy?”

i’m thinking about retreating from the cruel world of coughing and ridiculous fines and convincing myself completely that i live in scranton and jim, or the temp, is my truest love and that i too can type 90 words per minute.

if you believe it, it’s true. that’s my philosophy on life anyway.