[i saw this sign on my way to school. i have no idea what it means but i love it.]

i woke up this morning (or re-woke up really since i woke up every hour of the night from 11pm to 8am to have a horrible coughing fit) and decided it was time to take some action against the disease invasion going on in my body. i called my mom and she said i should go to the health center at school to see if they would give me some of the good kinds of drugs and that i should also buy some regular cough syrup. my mom is smart. i did what she said.

at the health center there were A LOT of coughing people. they made me put this on:

which was kind of awesome. they all took the fact that i was sick very seriously. they even made me see a doctor before they would give me the drugs which was fine except the doctor prescribed me all kinds of things i didn’t need like an inhaler and antibiotics. but she also prescribed me codeine cough syrup.

which i am going to take right now.

how’s that for a pointless story?