because it's just not cool to be a nazi anymore, baby

today i’m taking my final sick day. i think it is my final sick day anyway. i’m feeling a lot better, probably because i went to bed at 6:30 last night, and if i wake up tomorrow without an ear infection, i think i will be completely recovered.

i cleaned my room this morning which i think is a good sign that i am almost better. then i worked on my syllabus for teaching creative writing. i was getting pretty into it and imagining shaping young minds for awhile. then i realized that i don’t even know what teachers are supposed to dress like. no one will ever hire me. oh well.

luckily, in the nick of time, my netflix arrived. and it was half nelson! the perfect movie because it taught me: if i guy who smokes crack can be teacher, maybe i can too!

i’m not sure what the point of half nelson was, to be honest. but then again, i don’t think everything has to have a point. and even though i was a little underwhelmed by the ending, i thought the portrayal of liberal white middle class addiction was interesting. there’s this idea i tried to bring up in my carver class the other day which is, the educated and the uneducated have equally depressing lives; the educated are just better at articulating why.

i could be totally wrong about that. and maybe it isn’t even relevant to half nelson.

anyway, half nelson also had 2 things which i always love in a movie: a hot strung-out man in big sunglasses and a free to be you and me song, specifically “it’s alright to cry,” which is a perfectly great song.

i wouldn’t have minded “william’s doll” either.

so i guess in closing, as a valentine’s day message, i would like to once again implore you to stay away from cocaine in all of its forms but especially in the crack one.

because if you don’t, you’ll NEVER get a boyfriend.

*****valentine’s day happiness update*****
i just discovered through some very crafty and high tech means, that if you search “babel masturbate” on google, i am the third entry that comes up. someone in singapore did the leg work. happy valentine’s day to me, i guess.