i don't blame you

today i spent a very long time watching a marathon of beauty and the geek, a reality show with a very obvious plot that i bet you can guess. read the name again. guess. i meant to just watch it for a second while i was eating the salmon i made all by myself, all for myself, for lunch. but some how 1 o’clock became 6 o’clock. messed up, i know. but completely true.

it’s one thing to waste a day watching decent television. but watching a reality show for that long kind of makes me not want to be friends with myself anymore. beauty and the geek? really? however it did make me realize that i need to get down to la and get myself on a reality show like IMMEDIATELY. if i could win $25,000, i wouldn’t have to get a job this summer. how great would that be? also, another la option, is i could become a reality show WRITER. i mean, those shows HAVE to have somebody just beyond the cameras taking notes like, “okay now nate is totally going to be the bigger man and tell everyone that he doesn’t want the money because megan and scooter deserve to win.” i could be that person. i have an idea that i could pitch already called “hobo.” i think it could be big.

whatever. i know it’s sunday and nobody reads this on sunday. not that i would read anything on a sunday if i were you and had a life and friends and stuff. but you’re you and i’m me and so i am going to listen to modest mouse really loudly and probably sing along because both of my roommates are gone and if the music is loud i can’t hear the most annoying cat in the universe whining at me for no reason at all.

tomorrow i am going to go down to the courthouse. i have some legal trouble i need to deal with.