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i cannot think of any plots for plays. do you have any conflict you would like to see in a 10 minute play? send it to me and i will see what i can do!

all i can think of right now is large numbers of kids singing “build me up buttercup” to me in the lodge during mealtime at girl scout camp. i guess that’s what happens when you search for “bui” on itunes.

i thought i had an idea for a play on the train today and i started writing it and i realized that i need therapy. that’s the kind of day it is. the kind of day when my best moment was when i went on wikipedia and found out stephen from laguna beach was on disney’s bug juice in 1998.

what does that even mean? that it’s a day where i spend a lot of time thinking about summer camp? what does summer camp have to do with therapy?

i don’t know. but courtney love read a sylvia plath poem in her audition for the mickey mouse club and her mom was once my therapist for about 2 weeks in high school. she told me i didn’t need therapy, i just “felt things more strongly than other people.” is that sort of an irresponsible thing to tell an 18 year old girl? should courtney love’s mom even be allowed to therapize people? could i make this into a reality television show or at least a play? where does the girl scouts fit into this equation?

those are some questions for you to think about. goodnight.