the day of dirty foreheads

[i’m bringing back my favorite tshirt from high school. even though it is too fragile to wash and it smells a little strange, it makes me feel good. which is the important thing, right?]

if you know me, you know i love ash wednesday. it marks the beginning of by far the biggest party of the year, ie the 40 day fun-binge of lent. and i have so many fond memories of lent. there was the year i went to catholic school in africa when all the girls i hung out with stopped eating candy or chips or drinking coke for about 2 days and my friend kim’s older brother lee kept telling us he had given up marijuana suppositories (he was a funny guy and kim was probably the only sane kid at my school, just as a side note). or there was the NEXT year when my tortured catholic boyfriend gave ME up, which was romantic i guess, if you’re god.

anyway, seeing all sorts of random people with smudges on their foreheads today really brought back all those catholic-based things i used to do. remember when i was a freshman in college and i went to church every sunday for like 3 months? i do. i finally realized that nothing is going to make me believe in god and that even though i like candles, i don’t like priests and their priest-y attitude. or what about when the headmaster of my south african school told my class that atheists were satan worshippers and then fired the monk religious education teacher for offending me by saying he hated americans. that headmaster was a genius. and he had the most obnoxious racist dog i ever met. i have never so wanted to kill a dog as those months when i sat in class and stared out into the courtyard where this little white dog perfect for kicking would bark at and bite the black janitor guys in the blue coveralls or the black lady WHO BROUGHT THE HEADMASTER TEA, which by itself is a travesty if you ask me, and they couldn’t do anything because it was the headmaster’s pet and obviously, he was into firing. maybe if my last week in africa hadn’t been the easter holiday i might have poisoned that dog as a going away present to the country.

thanks for reminding me ash wednesday. that’s why i love you so much.

anyway, this morning i went to the “so-called hall of justice” as the mysterious iranian man in toupee who asked me for directions said. it was a hassle but i got a court date. this iranian guy who i ended up walking about 5 blocks with this morning was incensed when i told him about my transportation violation. you’d think someone from IRAN would not get too worked up over the unfairness of getting a ticket for not paying on muni. i mean, it isn’t like i was being tortured for showing my hair or taking a french class or something. it makes sense that people would be expected to pay for the train. but he was a strange guy. he wanted my phone number so i could be friends with his 17 year old daughter but in a sudden burst of discretion, i just gave him my email address. i don’t know. as a girl who was once 17 and who has a father, i cannot imagine a child who really existed ever letting their parent out of the house with a toupee like that on their head. so i am skeptical.

anyway, i have some research to do and then class at 7. i hate class at 7 by the way but what are you going to do? go to class that’s what.