prayer: the least effective thing you can do with your brain

tonight grey’s anatomy put the final touches on a groundbreaking 4 episode series that took the show from mildly original and entertaining to irrelevant, nauseating and bad for america.

which should be noted.

usually it takes a television show at least a season to go from a relatively good place (decent characters, interesting problems, syphilis) to the pit of tv hell (inconsistent characters, predictable but still unrealistic problems, god/miracles). but tonight grey’s anatomy proved that with the right amount of popularity and the right amount of cute-dog-in-the-afterlife, anything is possible.

at first i wasn’t sure they could go all the way. maybe meredith would die and be buried and then eaten by bugs. maybe the afterlife would be a figment of her imagination. maybe she would wake up as jack from lost. maybe george would give callie herpes. maybe some of the show’s original creativity would be recaptured. but no, the second meredith’s mom spontaneously started dying, i knew that the age of irony on grey’s anatomy was over. from that point on, the afterlife was literal and the prayers were to god. and even after no heartbeat for something like 8 hours, meredith was going to have a perfect and speedy recovery; her mom was going to die and we weren’t going to see the credits until she and derek kissed. the show was officially pandering.

all of this is sad a little but also, well, it frees up my thursday nights and gives me another reason to curse the establishment under my breath. which aren’t bad things. better anyway, i assume, than a crippling addiction to the fantasy of religion.

sorry america, it looks like i win again.