1000 ziplock bags

[pete just made this. i think tuff town children’s wear might be our new thing. erica, as soon as i get it together, your kids are the first on the list of lucky kids wearing better clothes than the other kids. i hope this happens before hazel becomes president of the universe. when she’s 35.]

i was going to write something about eating 2 cream puffs for dinner or about how notes on a scandal wasn’t that bad until the end. but then i ordered 1000 ziplock bags on the internet and i’m sorry but that’s all i can think about.

today in my book arts class my teacher and i came up with the brilliant idea of putting my poem in a ziplock bag for my broadside project.

here is the poem:

After the wind
blew the starlings’
nest down from the eve,
I showed Mikey
how to rescue the
naked babies with
Ziplock bags

so the bag idea makes sense. it’s cool actually. but the broadside has to be 4′ by 6′ (i helped lobby the class into using the postcard theme even though broadsides are usually much bigger) and ziplock doesn’t make any 4′ by 6′ bags. so i did some internet research and found some restaurant supplier who makes the right size zipper-type bags. it seemed great. 100 bags for $12; i only need 20 but i could use up 80 ziplock bags in year or maybe less.

however, when i got home just now and got ready to order them, i suddenly noticed the extra 0. and the $16 shipping charge. 980 leftover bags is a little bit more than i quite know what to do with. and what if they aren’t the right size or something? i don’t know if i can handle 1000 ziplock bags sitting in a box in my room.

but the internet makes these sort of purchases so effortless. and google checkout gave me $10 off. so now i have a big box of zippit brand bags headed toward my house. i’ve decided to think of it as my dowry. i’m sure i’ll be using these bags for years to come. in fact, it may become part of who i am. maybe i’ll become the zippit bag woman. my children will use these bags.

i shouldn’t have eaten 2 cream puffs for dinner. i can’t believe i just ordered 1000 ziplock bags.