the craziest water packaging

since i love money and doing things with it, filing my taxes is my all-time favorite activity.


have you seen the law & order: svu with dr. quinn where this guy has 2 families and they don’t know about each other and his kids have sex and his daughter gets pregnant and obviously half the family ends up dead and the other half ends up in jail? it’s my favorite one and it’s on RIGHT NOW.

at 6 am this morning my phone rang.

me: hello?
guy on the other end: hello?
me: who is this?
guy: bruce
me: who are you?
guy: is it too late to call?
me: who are you?
guy: wait are you answering your mom’s phone?
me: no i’m 24. this is my phone.
guy: are you awake?
me: where are you?
guy: it’s really late i know.
me: where are you? do i know you?
guy: i’m in port angeles. i’m bruce. call me tomorrow.
me: i live in san francisco.
guy: great. call me tomorrow and i’ll show you around.
me: okay.

do you know anyone named bruce?