does he tell time?

yesterday i started writing about africa. which is something i do periodically. but this time i got 14 pages before i freaked out and stopped. my new thing is reading my journal from that time and going day by day. it’s a long story. i think it goes beyond story. i mean, page 14 and i am only on about day 4.

i’m putting in parts from my journal but some of the stuff i wrote when i was 16 sucks. even more than the stuff i write when i am 24.

but now i have to write a play. and think about what story i want to read at this 24 hour reading i am doing on saturday morning. i have the 9 am slot. i am hoping no one will be there. also i have to decide how my postcard is going to look BESIDES the ziplock page part. and by march 21 i have to finish my teaching creative writing syllabus so i can apply to teach next semester.

what else? i have a paper i should write on raymond carver.

today i was thinking about how mid-semester i get really sick of school and stop doing the vast majority of my work. and then i realized i haven’t even made it to halfway yet.

thinking about this is too distressing. i have to do homework.