i hope it bleeds all day long

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my carver class nemesis made plans with the boys in my class again, right in front of me. she also gave the most outrageously off-topic presentation i have ever seen in all my days as a student and i am including 3rd grade in those days. she showed the class clips of movies that, and i am only guessing because her speaking skills are incredibly vague, “sort of reminded her of raymond carver.” like a movie with violence because there are some violent carver stories or a documentary about salesmen because there are salesmen in some of his stories. or the best: a woman under the influence. because the woman’s husband was freaked out by the woman’s craziness and in a carver story, the protagonist is freaked out by his wife’s sexuality. see the similarity? it was basically a vehicle for her to a) not have to do any work and b) remind us how cool she is for being into independent movies from the 60’s and 70’s.

i wonder if i can find a mary kate and ashley olsen movie that has a “raymond carver” theme.

i’d be less of a jerk if she were nicer to me. or if i thought there was anyway she could read this. it’s okay though. on thursday i am going to see the mountain goats.