everything is more fun with rifles

weekend list:

1. i found this quote on the internet from a guy i went to uw with: ‘a solar eclipse caught in a shoebox diorama’. no need to explain it, i think. his name is zach savich and he’s probably going to beat you to famous. we used to discuss dioramas a lot. i haven’t seen him for almost 5 years. together zach and i once made t-shirts with cryptic slogans and put them in people’s driers. it was a beautiful time.

2. tonight i went out with my roommate and played pool. i hit the 8 ball in twice and one of the times it even won the game.

3. i got a job working for the man this summer. but it might be the kind of thing you can’t talk about on the internet.

4. i read a story this morning to a crowd of 5 half asleep people. it seemed pointless at the time but later the feedback was mainly good.

5. i think i can make the ziplock bags work for my book arts project. however, they don’t fit bread.