storm trooper

i saw these guys today after i went to zodiac with my roommate.

things about that:

my roommate, the guy who replaced the global warming destroyer, is a pretty cool guy. he’s really laid back. i mean really. in responses to roommate ads people always write “i’m a totally laid back guy,” but my new roommate who i am going to call “master cleanse” today, wasn’t lying. he’s that guy who is just cool with whatever. not in an irritating way either. he’s just down. and he’s from the east coast and he goes to art school. and the other day he told me about the master cleanse he sometimes does, which is when you just drink lemon and ginger and maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a week and then on the e! channel i found out that beyonce does the EXACT SAME THING before awards shows. so. that’s my roommate.

i convinced him to come with me to zodiac because i thought it was going to be too scary to see alone. yah, it wasn’t. actually instead it was too long to see with someone else. i felt guilty for the entire second half because poor master cleanse, who probably isn’t into serial killers at all, had to sit through the whole thing. 160 minutes. way way too long. in fact, by the end i decided the zodiac may be the least interesting serial killer ever. i’m not saying that the movie sucked but i am saying it missed illuminating the interesting parts of the story because it was committed to telling EVERY part of the story. from 1966 to 1991. and still, it wasn’t sure what was interesting. was it the alcoholic crime writer? the cop assigned to the case? the obsessive cartoonist? it was like a movie edited by boswell–the theory being, put it all in there, the audience needs to fullest possible picture.

wrong. i don’t need it. in fact, by putting so much of the “actual case file material” in the movie, the director was unable to show us any bigger picture of this crime. for example, besides drinking and wearing tight pants, what were people doing in san francisco? when they heard some guy might shoot their children on a school bus, what did they do? why were people so obsessed with a guy who didn’t actually commit that many murders? what kind of person needs their death threat letters published in a newspaper? what kind of paper publishes them?

zodiac had no focus. so it was interesting to see jake gyllenhaal look scared and look soulful and robert downey jr. is the greatest and mark ruffalo is of course quite cute as well, but i was disappointed. it was just another movie. nothing special. the generic unsolved murder movie. kind of what jarhead was for war movies. no three kings. no summer of sam.

so black snake moan wins the best movie i saw this weekend contest. it wasn’t the best movie ever but it was original and came up with a theme that was not standard and may be good for the world in some ways. plus it had justin timberlake. and you know how i feel about justin timberlake.

one bonus for zodiac: watching it 2 blocks away from where most of the action took place. that was cool, i’ll admit.

and jake gyllenhaal really is cuter than justin timberlake.