nonsense but with pictures

today a guy called the poetry center and no one was around and he talked to me for 15 minutes. i’ve never met him before.

it’s looking more and more likely every day that 2 of the world’s most attractive corvallis high school graduates might come stay with me the last week of march. here they are:



it would be great to see them because i am getting tired of looking at all the ugly people in san francisco. plus they are coming exactly at the moment i am done with my massive midterm work. i did all the calculations and i think i can even skip a few days of school for them so we can go camping.

and THEN after that my OTHER friend, my old roommate who cooked rice and let me eat it and has the best texture of hair and is smarter than the smartest guy, is coming into town for a conference on philosophy. he’s a philosophy guy. here he is with his sister:
oh we also used to work together. and we are in love. in a way that only members of the lewis & clark public relations community can be in love.

after the ian visit there is a slim chance that pete will visit here on my spring break. this is pete:

except he’s older now.

my other spring break options are visiting mikey and jade and brian etc etc in portland. this is my brother and me:

i am tired. all i can do is steal pictures off the internet.

here is jade:

or, an especially awesome spring break idea, is visiting my cousin on the east coast:

AND finally or maybe actually first. IT IS FIRST. deirdre is coming to san francisco for the ST. PATRICK’S DAY SEASON!!! here is deirdre!
it isn’t even 10 and i am totally tired because i keep getting up at 7 am for no reason at all. this is ridiculous.