airplane hanger

Day 2: March 8, 2007
The Men Were Here

(On the stage are a guy and a drum kit. The drum kit has a lot of pieces. He warms up, cracks his knuckles, twirls his sticks and then starts to play a long solo involving every piece of the kit. As he is playing, people in Hazmat suits starts silently appearing on stage. After 2 minutes of his solo there are 50 Hazmat people. They are all facing him and they are all completely quiet. After a moment, two of the Hazmat guys come over and remove a cymbal. The guy keeps playing as if he does not notice. A few seconds later, some more Hazmat people come over and remove the high hat. The guy keeps playing. Every couple seconds, another group of people in Hazmat suits approaches the drum kit and removes of piece including his stool but the guy keeps playing. Soon it is just him and the cowbell and one stick. There are 3 Hazmat people left. One removes the cowbell from his hand. He keeps striking his stick as if it is still there. Then one of the Hazmat guys takes his stick. Now it is just the guy and one Hazmat person. The guy suddenly re-imagines the entire drum kit and goes into a crazy imaginary solo for 30 seconds, getting faster and faster and more and more into it until finally he does a dramatic finish and collapses onto the ground. The last Hazmat guy is silent for a moment. Then he starts the slow clap until he is cheering like a crazy person. Then he goes over to the guy, picks him up and carries him offstage.)