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today is sunny. which is the one charming thing about california. sometimes it’s sunny.

yesterday i spent the entire day and by entire day i mean from 9 am to probably around 11 pm with VERY FEW BREAKS working on my book arts project. i couldn’t stop. it was great. now i am done with an assignment we were supposed to be working on until may. and i am okay with that. it just means i have more time to focus on my actual book. the other thing about my project is that i made about 50 prints when we only need 20 for the class. so i am dividing them in 3 parts: the best 25 for my class edition (5 extra, whatever, i doubt i’ll be punished) and 6 that either aren’t that great or that i want for proofs and then 19 which i am going to send through the mail. if you want one, let me know. i already bought the stamps and already sent a few off to addresses i know. i really want to send one to a stranger though. are you a stranger? do you want the sweetest postcard ever made? then what are you waiting for! send me your address!

well i have a play to write. i just wanted to put that out there. and also let you know that if you search google for “pictures of 13 year old black boys,” what you’ll find is this site. which is a lot better than “bang my teacher” and “bang mom” and basically bang with anything else you want to put in there. which is my fault. even though “bang bang smash smash” is from a beatrix potter story about bad mice. i guess bang will always be a dirty word. though i’m still not sure if the east coast person who searched for “bang bus jennifer mouse fools” was looking for something dirty. what i do know: in THAT particular search i come up twice.