fancy dancers

Day 6: March 12, 2007

The King of Entertainment

(The stage is empty. Three people in Hazmat suits come out carrying a bass drum. After they set it up, they stand back and watch the drum. Then another group of people in Hazmat suits come in with a stool. Slowly the people in Hazmat suits set up an entire drum set. Eventually there are 48 people in Hazmat suits standing in a half circle behind the drum set and to the sides of it. Then a Hazmat-ed person carries in the drummer. He sets him on the stool and the drummer begins to play. After a minute of drumming, the final person in a Hazmat suit carries in Justin Timberlake and sets him down on the floor in front of the drum kit. The drummer continues playing and JT starts doing a complicated N’Sync-style dance to the beat of the drumming. He dances and dances, getting faster and faster and going totally crazy. The drummer goes faster and faster too. The people in Hazmat suits watch as the dancing/drumming builds to ultimate intensity. The drummer does a complex final flourish and JT does his best and sexiest move and at the same moment they both collapse. The Hazmat people watch for a long moment and then one of them starts the slow clap until they are all clapping like crazy. Then at the same second they all stop and the stage goes black.)