Day 7:March 13, 2007

(Projected on the back wall of the stage are big deep orange letters that read: “TERROR THREAT LEVEL: ORANGE”. There is a microphone in the middle of the stage. The KID walks up to the microphone. He is wearing a sign around his neck that says “President4Life”. He looks solemnly at the crowd and speaks into the microphone.)

KID: I have an important announcement. (He pauses and looks hard at the audience.) Which is…it’s time for me to bust a rhyme!

(The projections on the back wall changes to confetti and the words “DANCE PARTY!” in pink and blue. A disco ball descends from the ceiling as the KID starts to do a crazy freestyle rap and the stage fills up with guys in Hazmat suits, George Washington, Justin Timberlake, Wonder and Super Amazing and everyone else from the previous plays. When the KID finishes his rap, the song “Sexy Back” starts playing and the whole cast does a choreographed dance. Balloons drop from the ceiling. Everyone feels so great about life they forget about daylight savings time and the fact that they still have to wash the dishes and the war in Iraq. People come up on stage from the audience. The DJ plays the song “Mmmbop” and then a bunch more songs. Three hours later, while everyone is still dancing, an asteroid hits the theater.)