team building

one time i went and had my personality profiled by the scientologists. they made a graph and showed me exactly what was wrong with me and i remember thinking, yah that’s why i’m so cool. lately though i’ve been wondering if i am all i’ve cracked myself up to be. personality-wise. i still have a streak of mean mean bully in me left over from kindergarten-6th grade. i don’t handle situations with the grown-up attitude of my idols (dan savage and my cousin erica) (oh and my parents who are VERY grown up). i still haven’t quite figured out the period/quotation marks rule. which may not be a personality thing. anyway, i have to be in class in like 2 seconds. tardiness. another problem. actually NOT one of my problems. overusing words i should never use: just, maybe, really, actually, so, anyway, totally, pretty. a very real problem. sentence fragments.

so anyway. i hate daylight savings time. and maybe it’s time for me to join scientology. the graph was pretty sweet.