so this is what the volume knob's for

even though it’s the st. patrick’s day season (have you seen that guinness commercial?), i am still staying home and working on what is shaping up to be the greatest intro to creative writing class EVER CREATED. you wish you were in this class. you wish you were reading an elizabeth bishop poem and mountain goats song lyrics in the same week AS HOMEWORK. oh man. you are so jealous of my hypothetical students.

which reminds me: did i mention that that mountain goats concert last week was the second best concert of all time? and i’m including jesus singing the stars and stripes at the first ever super bowl? it was that good.

i have a raymond carver essay due on tuesday. i am thinking of exploring the different types of killers in his stories. you know, the sociopaths versus the guys who just aren’t good at communicating. it’s going to be a hard hitting essay, i can tell you that much.

in other school news: i tried to hide the fact that i finished my broadside edition before everyone else today in book arts class. it lasted until 9:15 am. the class starts at 9:10. oh well. i set type for hours and then realized i’d set it all backwards. luckily my obsession with book arts means that i always skip lunch break so i was in such a low-blood sugar fugue state that it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to redo the whole thing. i’m getting a little bit excited about my book. though there was a point when i realized that 12 point bembo was down to only 3 lowercase e’s and my poem had 7 more and i considered pushing over all the cabinets. which would be a huge disaster because the cabinets are all full of tiny pieces of lead with backwards letters on top. that kind of loses it’s feeling when i explain it. also bembo is a font that i am using. oh well.