my brain is seeping out my ears and it's getting all over the floor

a couple weeks ago i decided grey’s anatomy was over as even a decent and semi-entertaining show. the swing from syphilis to the power of prayer was just too much. but my roommate didn’t agree and since she is in control of things like, well, everything, i am stuck with grey’s anatomy on thursdays. okay you’re right, i don’t technically have to watch tv. but i sort of like ugly betty, and it’s thursday; i’m tired. what are my other options?

anyway, what i wanted to say is grey’s anatomy is basically so far off the reservation now it isn’t even worth talking about it. (izzy and george? having sex? meredith? suicidal? whatever.) but in case you are looking for something else to hate, there is a new show after grey’s anatomy (replacing skeletor/anne heche in alaska) called october road. this is a terrible, terrible show. and i recommend watching it for just 5 minutes so you can fully grasp the insane lighting (did you know in the ’90’s everything was fuzzy and orange), the strange and poorly delivered dialogue (i’m paraphrasing here: “old [friends/problems/i don’t remember whats] are like a pimple on prom night. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but it won’t go away, it’ll just stay there and make it so jimmy johnson won’t slow dance with you,” and i am not paraphrasing here: “you seem to have forgotten which side of october road you belong on”) and of course, the possible illegitimate son with a telling peanut allergy. okay so i have only seen a total of 10 minutes of this show (2 episodes/5 minutes each) but i am willing to say it is the worst thing that (this according to the commercial) “america” has ever “fallen in love” with.

i’m just glad i get the office on itunes and that the fx show the riches is going to start keeping me away from the hills on monday nights. though now that i know heidi stays with spencer, there really isn’t any reason to watch anymore.

yes. you are right. i watch too much tv. but ira glass likes the oc so maybe it isn’t as bad as we all originally thought.