field trip

today i:

went to a totally sweet old-fashioned book bindery with my book arts class. it was run by an old hippy guy with a pony tail and a serious obsession with book binding. the whole thing was awesome. there are some cutting machines, not to mention glue and embossing machines, that i really want to own. i’m thinking i might invest in a printing press instead of buying a car. when i get to be a real adult anyway.

crashed on my skateboard but was ultimately okay.

got my syllabus back. i got an ‘a’ but the teacher wasn’t too keen on my period/quotation placement or my inconsistency on the spelling of ‘playwriting’. check out the period. i don’t EVEN care.

watched the movie the puffy chair. have you seen this movie? i really liked it. it’s reasonable and funny and ends well. i watched it with my roommates. who may not have had the same deep love for the spacey brother character or the “you have my peter gabriel cd” line that i did. but i would recommend it to anyone. especially anyone who ever has a) gone to lewis & clark or known a person who at one point was going to a LOT of phish shows b) watched and liked reality tv but only in a really smart way (you can decide what i mean by that) c) called for the overthrow zach braff d) set fire to anything/tried to cheat motel desk clerks or e) broken their arm.

not that these things have anything to do with them movie. they are just characteristics of cool people.

tomorrow the onslaught of people starts up again. i haven’t told them this yet but they aren’t allowed in my house when i am not there. which means tuesday it better not rain.