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i have to go to work soon and steve and jason are asleep on my floor. not for long because today they are leaving just like yesterday jessie left. sad but also good. i need to do something with my life. but yesterday steve and jason and i took the multi-cultural sf tour which went like this: bus from the mission to fort mason, walking through crissy field to golden gate bridge, buses to north beach (italian food for lunch/nap in washington square/gelato), walk to china town (buy fireworks), walk through downtown, bus to japan town (get off bus early/experiment with china town “bomb bag”), bus to fillmore, hookah and tea/coffee at hookah bar on fillmore, bus back to the mission, margaritas at at the latin american club, tacos at el metate and finally sparklers at my house/lost (taped by my roommate, a lame episode after last week’s genius one though next week with those girls handcuffed together looks like it is going to be extra special). and then we went to sleep.