out of context

i think steve and jason are gone now. they made me late to work this morning, which i am thinking of as kind of a going away present from 2 people who have been aggravating me since i was 14 years old. 10 years is a long time when you are only 24.

friends are a weird thing. i didn’t get one single thing done while they were here other than see san francisco, spend a ton of money and get angry at steve and then get un-angry at steve. all of these things i did over and over again. money is easy to spend. and steve is easy to get angry at. especially if you are me. he likes to lie to me about ridiculous things. for example, he told me the beat boxing guy on american idol was the cousin of a friend of mine from high school. i didn’t believe him but he kept going on and on about it and finally i was like “okay i guess i can see it,” which he let me elaborate on for about 15 minutes before he said, “i was just kidding about the beat boxing guy being zack’s cousin.”

that’s when i wrote the thing about feeding him poisoned muffins.

he also made up a story about his roommate who likes me LEAST actually having a crush on me. but i wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that one.

of course, as i was writing about how i should poison him, he came up behind me and started hugging me and tickling me and saying sorry. it’s a dirty and obvious maneuver but on me coming from him it is usually highly successful.

yesterday steve and i got in another massive fight when he called me a racist for saying randy on american idol is “the whitest black guy i have ever seen.”

(apparently american idol is trying to destroy our friendship. but am i really wrong about randy?)

anyway, that happened at about 11:00 am and by 9:30 pm we finally resolved our issue or at least talked about it and agreed that we were both very stubborn about certain things when certain things are anything the other one of us disagrees with.

steve is one of my favorite people i know but he’s also REALLY good at pissing me off. and this last week was the longest we have spent together consecutively ever probably with the runner-up being october of my freshman year of college when he came up to seattle to visit and the whole thing ended in me in tears taking a cab to my dad’s apartment at 3 am and then crying and not eating for 3 months. what a special time for all of us.

so the fact that i only cried 1.5 times this week is pretty good. especially because the .5 was on the muni on the way to work when i realized i am actually really going to miss having someone i like around even if he is often the catalyst for violent mood swings. i think our mutual button pushing is just reflexive now days. and at least we can recognize what we are doing.

anyway, as glad as i am that my room is emptied out of all those bodies, i’m still a little sad that they are all gone and even though i probably won’t cry again for months and months, i probably won’t get tickled until i hyperventilate either.

actually. what am i talking about? i’m going to portland in like a week and a half. people in portland can’t STOP tickling me until i hyperventilate. which proves: ignore me when i get this melodramatic.