tonight i got a last-minute invitation to go see a comedy benefit for 826 valencia. my roommate’s friend who works for youtube had an extra ticket and she couldn’t go so she had him take me instead. my roommates. such nice people. anyway, the whole thing was hilarious. i wore make-up. patton oswald was there (recycling jokes from the LAST 826 valencia benefit i went to) and a guy named nick swardson who is in blades of glory, among other people. but the best, in my mind anyway (and the youtube guy would disagree with me), was JANEANE GAROFALO (who i just looked up on imdb and whose birthday is one day after mine) (the same day as mark heggen’s and the cute boy brett from my 2nd grade class) (by cute i mean he could read better than me, which was a very attractive and distinctive feature in 2nd grade). she’s awesome. of course i already love her because of every character she’s done in movies but now i love her character of herself she does on stage. her whole thing was about some new pants she bought and how she does adderal and red bull now instead of drinking. which is funny in my book. she finished her part of the show by playing bone thugs-n-harmony’s “crossroads” and pouring water on stage for her “homies who never finished graduate school”.

anyway i have to go to bed because we have subletting people coming in the morning. but oh man, check out janeane garofalo next time you get a chance.

and youtube. but i bet you do that anyway.