[from last night. putting on make-up makes me want to cry. can you even see it?]

i can’t think of any good april fool’s jokes. all day. i can’t think of anything. i told my parents i was joining the army but then took it back in the same sentence. that’s the kind of sad sad day today is. the day when i can’t do anything except spend my money on expensive groceries and the day when i watch part of where the heart is and briefly consider converting to some kind of vague christianity and finding a husband at walmart.

i’m going to start wearing side ponytails exclusively.

i have some serious forms to fill out. i mean serious. and a play to write and a COURT DATE next week (it’s sort of like law and order for people who don’t buy muni tickets). plus my friend ian is coming. i feel a ridiculous amount of inertia. all i could do today was write one scene, one POINTLESS scene, that took place in a mcdonald’s drive-thru.

is it possible to write a play that takes place in a mcdonald’s drive-thru? is drinking too much mint water putting me into a creativity coma? these are important questions. i love mint water.