lonesome no more!

in the sad sad news front, kurt vonnegut, my favorite fiction writer of all time, died yesterday. i guess it was from complications following a fall and that’s not such a bad way to go when you are 84. at least he wasn’t in a hospital for a year or losing his mind or something. but still. i wish he wasn’t dead.

if you haven’t read slapstick you should do it now. otherwise i don’t even know what you are doing with your life. i’m not sure what else to say. i love kurt vonnegut.

sometimes people tell me, lizzy, you are just WAY too articulate.

another thing about a book: i just read the raymond carver story “intimacy” from where i’m calling from. it is one of his later stories. i was supposed to read it about 2 weeks ago but well, i didn’t. anyway, up until a few minutes ago my favorite carver story was either “why, honey?” or “tell the women we’re going” and no NOT “cathedral” (which to be honest i don’t like at all). anyway, “intimacy” is about raymond carver talking to his ex-wife. not even veiled a little bit. she just tells him how he humiliated her by not only leaving her but then becoming famous by writing about it. here’s what i like about carver: he is only ever honest. in that way he is like a case study of a single person. a person on some truth serum. i mean, his writing isn’t the best in the universe but he just tells the truth so well that it is more beautiful and poignant than some fancy lie some other dude might cook up.

i don’t like tess gallagher though. which might change. i’ve recently come around to yoko ono.

otherwise i spent a lot of time today alone in the print making studio, setting type and printing and trying to figure out the most efficient way to make my book. my book is going to blow your mind. or at least hopefully it won’t suck.

AND i saw shooter. i wish it had ended differently. otherwise i liked the explosions and i loved marky mark.

hey what are you doing? go get slapstick from the library. or maybe buy it and then send it to me when you are done. i would like to own a copy of that awesome book.