all novels should have an orphan part 2

WARNING! THIS IS THE LAST PART OF MY NOVEL IN 4 PAGES OR LESS. really you should read the first part first. why? because it comes first and has a stripper in it.

Chapter 5.

Over the intermittent Kit Kat bars, Dixie and Adan became friends. She taught him how to speak English and how to read it too using adult novels. Sometimes, if he were on his break, she would let him play a level of Math Blaster.

Chapter 6.

They spent 10 years together at the library. Sometimes Adan would invite Dixie to a Quinceanera for one of his sisters. Sometimes Dixie would steal some of her foster mother’s heroin and sell it and then Adan and Dixie would ride on the roller coaster at New York New York. Then Dixie would get beaten by her foster mother or her foster mother’s pimp. (Her foster mother became a prostitute when she got to old and desperate to be a stripper. ) Anyway, Dixie got beaten all the time regardless of what she stole so she didn’t care. Adan was her whole family.

Chapter 7.

By Dixie’s 18th birthday, Adan was the head janitor for the whole Clark County library system.

Chapter 8.

On Dixie’s 18th birthday, Dixie took her 3 shirts and the toothbrush she stole from Walgreen’s and left her foster home. Her mother didn’t notice for a whole year. She went to the library to tell Adan she was finally leaving, just like she always said she would. Which was true: she always said she would leave. This is what happened, after he led her up to the roof for one last look at the light shining out of the Luxor:

Dixie: I’ve got to go Adan. I just don’t think I can be who I am truly meant to be here in Las Vegas. It is too much like being on Mars. I want to be on Earth, you know?

Adan: I know Dixie, it’s true, but I just don’t know if I can clean the reading room, or at this point, have someone clean it for me, if I can’t imagine you curled up on one of the chairs with some novel about middle aged redemption in your arms.

Dixie: But that’s what’s so great about imagination Adan! Adan. I am going to miss you—I mean I already miss you. You are my whole family. I’ll write you letters everyday.

Adan: I’m going to miss you too Dixie.

They are both silent for a moment. Dixie stares out at the Luxor beaming the brightest light in the world up into the sky and Adan stares at Dixie. Then Dixie turns and faces him. There is a sudden understanding in their eyes. They kiss for three whole minutes under the light of the Luxor. Then Dixie breaks away and runs down the stairs and out of Las Vegas.

Chapter 9.

Ten more years passed. Dixie moved to Washington State and found a program that allowed her to get her GED while taking courses for college credit. She parlayed her love of Math Blaster into an Advanced Math Degree and became a world-renowned mathematician. Adan continued to move up the Clark County chain until he was elected District Attorney. The government granted him special citizenship. They were both very successful people.

Caperer 10.

But something was missing.

Chapter 11.

One day the World-Renowned Mathematician Team stopped in Las Vegas for a lecture called “The Continued Importance of Math in Today’s Number-less World”. It was all over the front page of the Sun.

Chapter 12.

Dixie was doing math equations in her room when there was a knock on the door. So she opened it and the next thing she knew someone had knocked her unconscious.

Chapter 13.

When Dixie came to she was dangling off the Hoover Damn staring down at Lake Mead. She twisted around. There was Adan, holding her ankles. Here is what happened next:

Dixie: Holy shit Adan! It’s been so long! Why are you holding me over the Lake Mead like this?

Adan: You broke my heart Dixie! And I cried everyday for two years! And that was embarrassing!

Dixie: But is that any reason to kill me?

Adan: Of course it is! Embarrassment is the most lethal emotion ever created! What did you expect Dixie?

Dixie: Well to be honest I was hoping you would knock on my hotel room and lead me to the library roof and kiss me in the light of the Luxor again. But I guess it has been awhile. I didn’t count on you being so mad.

Adan: Wait are you serious? About the kissing part?

Dixie: Of course Adan! I love you!

Adan pulls Dixie up by her legs and sets her down on the ground. She looks up at him. He looks down at her.

Adan: Really?

Dixie: Really.

Then they kiss.